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EU Project SEN-NET (Seniors in Network)
Saturday, 13 May 2006

The project in frame of Socrates Programme Grundtvig 1 - European Cooperation Projects

Main targeted thematic area of the proposed project SEN-NET is support seniors education in ICT skills and creation of network of educators.

In frame of the project we will create suitable models of this education and we will integrate distance learning, blended learning and e-learning into the models.

Experts in the field of seniors ICT education will provide the following elements:

  • To develop a set of modules or learning objects that look at required skills for educators who work with seniors at educational and training institutions.
  • To provide content for pilot courses run by partner countries.
  • To build useful teaching tools (an interactive CD ROM and e-learning community) and a course manual that will help training establishments deliver effective ICT training for seniors.
  • To create an interactive website Virtual Centre. It will act as a catalyst for the building and sharing knowledge among teachers and trainers of seniors on national and international level. It will comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines.
  • To specify seniors needs on ICT HW and SW and put down recommendations for ICT industry.

The target groups include educators and other personnel involved in the training and social assistance of seniors.

A strong focus will be on including members from the seniors community who will be asked included in the project design and creation of materials from conceptualisation to delivery.

The goal of SEN-NET (Seniors in Network) Project is to build a training materials for ICT seniors education that can be administered to newly qualified or experienced educators in the field of education and training seniors in using ICT to become a member of e-society. Under the project will be build network of educators and trainers to exchange experience and materials.

Virtual Centre for such educators will be created on Web. This Virtual Centre will help not only to educators in partner’s countries, but it will help to distribute ideas and materials to other EU countries. There will be materials created in different countries with different support and usage of ICT among seniors, so there will be materials for developed countries and for newly joined EU countries and countries with lack of tradition of senior’s education and less technologies among seniors.

From research done on field of ICT senior’s education will be derive not only methodology of teaching, assessment a management of such a courses but also recommendation for industry what seniors need from ICT HW and SW products.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 August 2006 )

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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